It looks like I have things in order to have a working RSS feed supporting both text entries and music podcasts. Now that I have the basic functionality set up, I can take some time to personalize the new site and give it my own flavor.

For the podcast, I’ve got several older mixes as well as a few live sets that I will release in a somewhat chronological sequence. You’ll hear a variety of house, techno, progressive, and even some jungle mixes. I appreciate any feedback about the mixes since I’m still learning all the nuances of beat-matching and blending. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear an improvement from the first few mixes to the more current ones. In the meantime, I’ve got lots of new records to dig through and use in new mixes.

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NASA ExtraVehicular Activity (EVA) Flight Controller and Instructor, House DJ, Strength & Fitness Training

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  1. Hmm … I updated the first podcast to add the tracklist. I saw the update in my iTunes, but it loses all the formatting. I’m looking through the FeedBurner forums for a solution. Strangely, if you subscribe to the non-FeedBurner “standard” feed, the tracklist seems to come through just fine in iTunes.

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