Live at Chemistry 06-14-05

I started thinking this through and realized that if I start from my first mix and work my way chronologically, some people will lose interest (since my first mixes are pretty rough). So I’ve decided to publish my latest recording. I still haven’t had time to record a new “studio” set, but this is definitely much improved from the first mix “Techno 1”. I hope with the “before and after” mixes, you’ll decide to hang around.

This particular mix was recorded using a digital voice recorder, so the quality isn’t the greatest. It actually turned out good because I did this mix in a record store in Houston — Chemistry Records. It was being broadcast over the internet and it was later in the evening, so there weren’t too many customers (and noise).

1. Krikor – The Place – Root’Down
2. Inland Knights – Over Night – Drop Music
3. Subjekt – Come On – Freerange
4. The Popular People’s Front – My Flat’s On Fire – Promo
5. U-Freqs – Touch Me There – Fingerlickin’
6. Box Clever – I’ll Eat You (If You Were a Box) – London Housing Benefit
7. John Tejada – Sweat (On the Walls) – Poker Flat
8. Tiga – Pleasure From the Bass (12 Inch Version) – Pias
9. John Tejada – Steppa – Poker Flat
10. Freestyle Man (feat. George Spruce) – Baby Wants to Ride (Volga select angel dust mix) – C & S
11. DJINXX – Automatism – FU F Comm

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