The Slow Progression

2-21-12About one year ago, I wrote this summary of my recomposition. I began 2012 with a 1000-lb total (360 Squat, 420 Dead Lift, 220 Bench Press).

In 2012, I overcame an injury (dislocated and broken finger), grew to about 185-190 lbs (~15-16% BF), & now have a 1105-lb total (375 S, 500 D, 230 B). I continue to grow stronger, while slowly recomposing my body.

Although my lifts have not increased a huge amount, I consider that I had to recover in the middle of the year from a hand injury that prevented me from just about all barbell activity for at least a month. I also have been focusing on form. I can definitely say I have better depth and hip drive in my squat. I can now perform dead lift with dual-overhand hook grip to minimize the time spent with mixed grip. When I bench press, I can feel my lats engaging. All of this tells me that my numbers are going to increase. This patience will pay off.

While I certainly enjoy the personal challenge of weight lifting — daring myself to slowly add weight each round — those 3 hours per week are not what define me. That time spent with the iron gives me the physical and mental strength to enjoy the remaining 165 hours.

Furthermore, I have found several ways to enjoy the rewards of my new-found strength. I can out-sprint just about anyone on the soccer field. I am continuing to learn more technique in rock climbing. I even started learning martial arts.

I share this in hope that you’ll patiently pursue your goals and not get discouraged when you have intermittent set-backs.

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